Help A Mama Out! SO GROSS!

Lindsay thoughts:

I try and keep a pretty tidy house…but, as a working mother of three kids there are certain places in my house that I might not get around to for a few weeks. One of those places is my kid’s bathroom. It is what I consider a “non-essential” spot when cleaning, which means when guests come over, they won’t see it. “Essential” spots get cleaned first and then I will get around to the “non-essentials”!

Anyway, I got around to it the other night and made a gruesome discovery…

TOOTHPASTE! TOOTHPASTE EVERYWHERE! Bright pink sticky bubblegum toothpaste covering the sink, the floor, the mirror…

And you know what? That stuff is hard to clean! So, while cleaning, it got me thinking a few things…

1.) Why, for the love of Pete, would we make bright colored toothpaste for kids? They will definitely get it EVERYWHERE, including themselves…so why wouldn’t we make it clear? There HAS to be a Mom or Dad working at these toothpaste companies that deals with this. Why don’t they come up with a solution?

2.) What are my kids doing when they brush their teeth? Are they getting ANY toothpaste in their mouth?!?

3.) Why don’t they make bubblegum toothpaste for adults?

4.) How did I get toothpaste on my sock?

4.) How much do maids cost?

5.) Wait! Why the hell should i pay a maid? MY KIDS should be cleaning this nastiness…

In conclusion, can someone help a Mama out?

P.S. Everything is now clean (for today!)