Lindsay LOVES Her Kid’s Door Signs (Check out the pics!)

Lindsay’s family is in the process of trying to sell their house. A part of that is getting things cleaned up, and taking down a lot of personal items around the home. That kind of thing KILLS Lindsay because she LOVES personal things.

One of the things that she hated to bring down was some signs on the door to her son & daughter’s room.

The signs say things like “Only Jack & Lucy in dis room” and signs saying they love each other. But, Lindsay’s favorite one is a sign that says “No Trubls”.  It makes her proud as a parent that her kids choose to fill their room with LOVE and “NO Troubles”, and every time she walks into or by their room she has a reminder to let the little things go…

So here’s to hoping you all are having a “No Trubls” type of day! Happy Tuesday!