Danger and Lindsay in the Morning

Nash FM Morning’s with Danger & Lindsay are sponsored by,  Granite City Food & Brewery in Clive.

  • Laugh along with Danger & Lindsay every weekday morning from 6-10am! Danger & Lindsay are great friends on and off the air, and started doing the morning show together in 2010. They start your day off right with things like Hollywood Hot Shots, Nash News Now, and Danger’s Daily Dumbass as well as getting you the info you need like traffic and weather! Danger has been doing radio for 20+ years and Lindsay for over 10 years now! Danger has a wife and 2 kids. He loves football, hockey, animals, food, beer, and tries to work out. Lindsay has a husband and is a Mom to 3 kids. She loves country music, watching sports, gardening, and mostly hanging out with her family! Their main goal is to get your day started with a smile.

Help A Mama Out! SO GROSS!

Lindsay thoughts: I try and keep a pretty tidy house…but, as a working mother of three kids there are certain places in my house that I might not get around to for a few weeks. One of those places is my kid’s bathroom. It is what I consider a “non-essential” spot when cleaning, which means…MORE


Thomas Rhett Visits “Sesame Street” SO CUTE!!!

THOMAS RHETT had a childhood dream come true.  He got to visit “Sesame Street” . . . AND sing with the cast.  They did a song called “This Is My Street”, which celebrates the show’s 50th anniversary. Could this BE any cuter?MORE

How do you draw an X? The internet is split…so are Danger & Lindsay!

The Internet is arguing over the correct way to write the letter “X.”  But 90% of us do it one of two ways.  The most popular way is to start top-left, and draw the first line down and to the right, then draw the second line from top-right to bottom-left. How do you draw your…MORE