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Lindsay LOVES Her Kid’s Door Signs (Check out the pics!)

Lindsay’s family is in the process of trying to sell their house. A part of that is getting things cleaned up, and taking down a lot of personal items around the home. That kind of thing KILLS Lindsay because she LOVES personal things. One of the things that she hated to bring down was some…MORE

UPDATE on Lindsay’s Crochet Sweater – Pictures

UPDATE on Lindsay’s Crochet Sweater – Pictures

OK…so you might have seen the ugly monstrosity that Lindsay made as her first crochet project…here is a reminder… Well, she was so disappointed in the result that she decided to completely unravel the thing, and start over…. She started all the way over, and worked all weekend (at least during nap times, and after…MORE

Photos: Danger Models Lindsay’s First Attempt at Crochet

So…Lindsay decided to “internet teach” herself how to Crochet after Christmas this year…mainly because she wanted to make Christmas gifts and realized that, well, she couldn’t. So over the weekend she made her first real project…a shrug sweater… needless to say, it turned out pretty ugly. No one would wear that, and what’s the point…MORE

Help A Mama Out! SO GROSS!

Lindsay thoughts: I try and keep a pretty tidy house…but, as a working mother of three kids there are certain places in my house that I might not get around to for a few weeks. One of those places is my kid’s bathroom. It is what I consider a “non-essential” spot when cleaning, which means…MORE

Thomas Rhett Visits “Sesame Street” SO CUTE!!!

Thomas Rhett Visits “Sesame Street” SO CUTE!!!

THOMAS RHETT had a childhood dream come true.  He got to visit “Sesame Street” . . . AND sing with the cast.  They did a song called “This Is My Street”, which celebrates the show’s 50th anniversary. Could this BE any cuter?MORE

How do you draw an X? The internet is split…so are Danger & Lindsay!

The Internet is arguing over the correct way to write the letter “X.”  But 90% of us do it one of two ways.  The most popular way is to start top-left, and draw the first line down and to the right, then draw the second line from top-right to bottom-left. How do you draw your…MORE