Brett Eldredge Shares the Secret to Having a Good Day

Brett Eldredge Shares the Secret to Having a Good Day

Brett Eldredge knows that life is not easy right now for everyone – things are tough enough, but with a lot of people out of their normal routine, it can be even tougher. He thinks you should give yourself some slack and realize this is not the time to beat up on yourself. In fact, Brett thinks the best way to help yourself, is to help others. That was the inspiration behind his “Good Day Movement.”

Brett shares, “I think we’re in a time now where it’s so easy to beat yourself up, and be hard on yourself…and all this guilt and shame of things you’re not doing because you’re not in your regular times, and you know…all these different things come up – well, one thing you can do is be good to yourself, but also another thing you can do is…when you’re so focused on all the tough times going on in your life…you can reach out and help somebody else too. I think that helps in a big way…it’s just connection, and I think the ‘Good Day’ movement is just, spread that good day message, and spread that ‘Hey, it might not be all great right now, but I’m going to make the decision to give me best shot at being good.’ And I think you got that goodness in your heart, I think we all have goodness in our hearts, to focus on that and spread that.”

When it comes to his “Good Day Movement” Brett recently shared, “Coming soon to a city near you! We’ve teamed up with Lamar Advertising Company on a new uplifting billboard campaign to highlight all you’re doing in your community. Use #GoodDayMovement to submit your photos for a chance to appear on a billboard!” Check out Brett’s Facebook Page for more details.

Another way to have a good day is to check out this special acoustic version of his song — Brett Eldredge’s “Good Day.”

Photo Credit: Greg Noire